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They reprogrammed the radar unit. On august 20, 2019 vehicle was again brought in and documented that the system had failed showing 'radar stain code C1A16'.
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  • 165 DTC Logic.
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  • AEB technical service bulletins (TSB) ∞.
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    The DTC code we will receive is a radar stain code.

  • The customer states that the AEB/FEB warning light is on, or turned on, while driving.
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  • They said it showed “stain” fault which I believe it the major.
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    >> WORK END Revision: 2011 October CCS-86 2011 EX C1A16 RADAR STAIN [ICC (FULL SPEED RANGE)] DTC/CIRCUIT DIAGNOSIS > C1A16 RADAR STAIN A Description INFOID:0000000006346739 ICC sensor integrated unit detects the reflected light from the vehicle ahead by irradiating a laser beam forward.

  • If there is physical damage but not severe, clean the area in front of the ICC/distance sensor, perform an ICC/distance sensor alignment using.
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    Check for stains and/or physical damage (for example, mud/dirt, road debris, dirty rain water, scrapes, punctures, misshapen surface).